About EuroSTAR

EuroSTAR and the EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference is an all-inclusive community where European software testers can collaboratively work towards evolving their profession while fulfilling their professional potential. EuroSTAR welcomes testers through thriving annual conferences and online platform called Huddle.

The annual EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference is a high-energy, fun and friendly celebration of the craft of testing in Europe. Held over 4 days, it features over 60 sessions including tutorials, workshops and talks and also includes an exhibition which runs for 2.5 days.

In 2017, we add UKSTAR to this offering Рa two-day event open to all software testers in the UK.

Huddle is an online platform which aims to continue the conference vibe and create closer ties amongst testing professionals through year-round engagement of the European software testing community.

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