The UK Testing Board

The UK Testing Board (UKTB) is a not for Profit legal entity formed in 2007 who’s roles include:

  • Support for the ISTQB certification schemes in the UK
  • Provision of accreditation for ISTQB trainers and training materials in the UK via our exam partners (BCS and iSQI)
  • Working with testers, employers, education, and other standard bodies to advance the professionalism of the software testing profession in the UK
  • The power behind UK language ISTQB exams for BCS and iSQI
  • Leading the industrialisation of Software Testing within the UK market through process consistency and standards adoption

If you would like more details please contact the UK Testing Board at [email protected] or check out the website at



SoftTest Ireland was established in 2002. Its objectives are to – Provide a forum to share testing experiences, enabling networking with other testing professionals in Ireland – Provide opportunities to gain knowledge to help improve the testing process in their own organisations -Support and encourage professional development and training for testers and students of software testing.

If you would like more details you can check out our website at


BCS SIGIST (Special Interest Group in Software Testing)

The BCS SIGiST was established in 1989 to further the interests and education of software testers, and is now the largest independent group of testers in the UK.  Run by volunteers, and not-for-profit, the SIGiST organises a number of affordable one-day conferences and workshops in Central London, Manchester and Leeds each year, with invited speakers from all over the world. The conferences provide an opportunity to hear the latest views on testing, while the hands-on practical workshops, run by internationally renowned experts, cover a wide variety of software testing topics.


The conferences and workshops provide an excellent opportunity to network, meet with other testers and the presenters, and to discuss all-things testing.  A newsletter, “The Tester”, is issued on a regular basis to keep members in touch, provide details on upcoming meetings, and publish articles on anything related to testing.


Contact Form:



London Tester Gathering

This group aims to provide a meeting place and regular events for anyone involved in testing products which are developed in an Agile environment. Come to meet fellow testers, share stories and experiences about tools and techniques which may, or may not, have solved testing problems on other Agile projects. This is also a place of learning, where live demonstrations of tools will be given for FREE – no more expensive training courses for simple (and free) open-source testing tools. The group will decide what topics we cover at our meetings – and what tools will be demonstrated and taught. So if you want to know how to integrate Slim with Webdriver, how BDD should be used from a testers perspective, or even how Selenium IDE can be used to automate regression testing on your website, then join the group and request then vote for the topic of your choice. Look forward to seeing you at the meetups



Liverpool Tester Gathering

Liverpool tester gathering is a gathering organised by testers, for anyone interested in learning about testing.

We love our event!

Join Us!

Event: Accessibility Testing – Tips & tools you can take back to work the next day

Free to attend event. We have the world famous James Sheasby Thomas giving us a 30 minute talk on accessibility testing. Having seen this talk at Testbash Manchester, what blew us away was how practical the talk was, and how easy it was to take the learnings and apply them in work the next day. But that’s not it. In the spirit of our meetup, we want to encourage the next generation of speakers, and give people the platform to explore their public speaking skills. So its with great excitement we have 2 people making their debuts right here at LTG, Robyn Daulby from, and Matt Parker from Bet365, both doing micro talks (5 to 10 minutes and topics to follow)

We’ll also be encouraging our usual flash talks as well, so if on teh night, you want a 2 – 5 minute slot to talk about a book, a conference, a question on testing, please let us know

Free beer, wine, and pizza, great company, lively event. We are now a world famous tester gathering, and we have some changes we want to run past you all on the night

When: 20th February @ 6:30 p.m.

Where: AvenueHQ, Liverpool



Twitter: @LplTesterGather 

Assurance Leadership Forum

Assurance Leadership Forum

The Forums are an online resource but also organise quarterly meetings in Central London on the last wednesday of January, April, July and October. The forums cover many topic areas including:

  • Assurance in the large and the small
  • Test Team and People Management
  • Project/Programme Test Management
  • Agile Test Management
  • Test Strategy and Communicating It
  • Technical Testing (Performance, Non-Functional Testing)
  • Usability, User Experience Testing



Community for Agile Testing London

Community for Agile Testing London

The aim of the Community for Agile Testing group is to bring together people who are interested in Agile Testing to form a community where we can explore the role, share experiences and help provide the industry with greater clarity of what the role involves. We also hope to promote open communication, knowledge sharing and avenues for those wishing to become an Agile Tester or for those wishing to hire an Agile Tester as well as many ways to achieve excellence in the role.


Twitter: @London__CAT


London Test Automation in DevOps

London Test Automation in DevOps

The London Test Automation in DevOps [#LondonTAD] is group of Test Automation Engineers working in DevOps and CI/CD culture.

The DevOps Culture has been adopted by most of the companies and QA roles has changed a lot to adopt this culture. DevOps is not complete without effective test automation strategies. This group will discuss the QA strategies which companies are following to fit into DevOps Culture.

This group will cover wide range of topics including Test Automation in DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Non-Functional Testing, TDD/BDD, Testing in Production. In short everything related to testing in DevOps.


Twitter: @LondonTADMeetup


Scottish Testing Group

Scottish Testing Group

The Scottish Testing Group is one of the BCS Specialist groups.  The BCS acts as an umbrella and provides basic support for groups of individuals sharing a common interest in specific technical subjects within Information Technology.  However, you do not have to be a member of the BCS to join our group or attend our meetings.


The main aim of the Scottish Testing Group is to promote and share excellence in systems and software testing in Scotland.  The group also enables networking with other testing professionals and provides each member of the Group with the opportunity to gain knowledge and improve their testing skills.


We organise two half day events each year alternating between Glasgow and Edinburgh and although the Group is based in Scotland, and is primarily aimed at Scottish Testers, it is open to anyone from the UK who may wish to join.



NI Testers Meetup

NI Testers Meetup

For anyone interested in Software Testing from any aspect of the Software Engineering discipline AND happen to be around Northern Ireland, then this is the group for you!  Our mission is to learn. To collaborate in a safe environment. To share experiences and ideas. To listen and contribute thoughts. To be passionate and to enjoy our craft.

Next Meetup: How we do testing at company X – A snapshot of what NI Testers are doing

When: February 7th

Where: Deloitte Offices, Belfast

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Register Here:



Twitter: @NI_Testers

How do I apply to be a Friend of UKSTAR?

Give us a call, or email [email protected] we’d be delighted to chat!