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With the very first UKSTAR taking place in the heart of London there is plenty of choice for accommodation nearby. Want to stay with the UKSTAR speakers? The Park Plaza Hotel on Westminster Bridge is where you’ll find most of them.

Bridges over Barriers

Our chosen theme for the very first UKSTAR. We want to build bridges and to do that we asked you to submit to speak about a time when you faced barriers as a software tester and how you overcame them. The theme for UKSTAR – ‘Bridges over Barriers‘ aims to reach beyond those latent divides to unite the software testing community ithis February – regardless of your school of thought.


We’ve run loads of competitions to try and bring as many of you to UKSTAR as possible. Our latest competitions ‘Declare your Love for UKSTAR‘ and the ‘Great UKSTAR Pub Quiz‘ are still open to enter and you could win FREE Tickets to our very first conference.


Dates are 27 – 28th February 2017 | Location: Westminster County Hall, London


UKSTAR is a brand new software testing conference from EuroSTAR Conferences- which is taking place in Copenhagen this November 2017.

Friends of UKSTAR

We have a page dedicated to all of the groups that offer us support – our Friends of UKSTAR. You can see more from them here

Getting There

Unsure how you’ll get to UKSTAR? Don’t worry we have you covered, we have information all about travel to UKSTAR

Hand Selected Presentations

Our organising committee (Dorothy Graham, Declan O’Riordan and James Lyndsay) have spent hours reviewing all of the submissions for UKSTAR. Now they have hand-selected the best speakers to give their presentation at the conference.

I[email protected]

The best way to contact any of the UKSTAR team if you have any questions. There’s always somebody ready to help.

James Whittaker

James Whittaker will be presenting not once but TWICE at UKSTAR 2017. His workshop on Monday – The 7 Stages of Creativity: Developing Your Creative Self and his closing Keynote on Tuesday – The Future of Tech are sure to be can’t miss sessions.


We have four amazing keynotes for UKSTAR 2017. Our organising committee have selected  the cream of the crop of testing in Europe and beyond. Welcome Maaret Pyhajarvi & Llewellyn Falco,  James Whittaker,  Kristian KarlPaco Hope as our UKSTAR 2017 Keynotes.


In 1993, EuroSTAR, the first ever European conference on software testing took place at The Edwardian International Hotel in London. We return to the UK with UKSTAR a brand new event for the British software testing industry.

Morning Energiser Breakfasts

Breakfast will be provided for both morning of the UKSTAR Conference. Parasoft will be sponsoring Tuesday’s morning energiser breakfast, you can look forward to that!

New Event

 A brand New Event from the makers of EuroSTAR where we’re taking the conference to you – two intensive days of a testing ‘think-in’ in the heart of London – a chance to get away from the office for 1-2 days to recharge your testing battery and re-energise your team’s approach to software testing in the year ahead.

Organising Committee

Dorothy Graham, James Lyndsay & Declan O’Riordan will be our very first committee for UKSTAR.  Keep an eye on our blog to read all about them in their speaker profiles.


We have an amazing programme for the inaugural UKSTAR. You can see all of our amazing speakers here! There are over 25 speakers, so there will be plenty for you to choose from. There’ll be something of interest to every tester out there, with plenty to learn over the 2 days.

Q & A

The new conversation talks at UKSTAR will be 60 minutes long, with half of that time going to Q&A. We want to encourage as many styles, stories and subjects as possible. Some tracks will have specific practical tips, others may propose challenging new perspectives or ideas. Some sessions will be presentation-style, others will be audience participation style. We want you to learn from this as well.


Full details of conference tickets and everything they include can be found here. You have the option to come for the full conference (2 days) or a single day of your choice.

Software Testing Professionals

This conference is open to anyone involved in software development but the content of the talks is geared specifically towards those with responsibility for software testing and quality. If testing software is important to you – come along! Be part of the conversation – talk to leading industry professionals about the challenges faced in testing and the important role testing plays in creating better software


We will also have a new type of presentation at UKSTAR, that we are calling “Conversation” tracks. These will be two speakers, talking for 10 – 15 minutes, followed by a moderated discussion between speakers and audience. A conversation track is 60 minutes long. This gives you the chance to learn and converse with our speakers during their session.


Find us on Twitter @UKSTARconf and using the hashtag #ukstarconf. Join the chat and ask us anything!

Virtual Tour

Want to take a look at our venue before you arrive. They have a virtual tour feature right here! Find out what you can expect of our fantastic venue.

Westminster County Hall

A.k.a our venue. A beautiful new venue overlooking the River Thames a stone’s throw from The London Eye. The Expo hall at UKSTAR 2017 will look across at The House of Parliament and Big Ben – don’t want to miss the amazing view.

eXciting Workshops

Cheating I know 😀 Each member of our organising committee will host their own half day workshop to kick start the conference. You can take a look at each one right here. We also have the fantastic James Whittaker with an additional workshop for UKSTAR on developing your creative self.


All that’s left is you! Have you booked your tickets for UKSTAR? Tickets are available right here!

Zip your bag and get to UKSTAR

We look forward to seeing you this February!


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