Continuous Testing in DevOps World | Testinium

While adopting the agile practice enables companies to shift left on testing and mitigate risks, it doesn’t mean they start testing often with a determined frequency. Continuous testing buzzword is all around us, but what is this Continuous Testing mystery? This methodology synchronizes DevOps and Quality Assurance processes to succeed in business goals.

Continuous Testing might be seen as a strategy to enable companies to adopt a cultural change to achieve many capabilities like early, faster and often testing which brings the automation to the center of it.

Companies utilize open-source tools like Selenium and Appium or a commercial tool to execute functional test automation. In order to solve a non-functional automation problem, there are many open source tools like JMeter, Gatling or commercial ones.

Adopting these tools, help companies in testing their mobile, web or desktop apps like a charm, but they are still not integrated to the Continuous delivery pipeline. In order to achieve this challenge, DevOps practices must be implemented to convert from a legacy release management process to an automated one. So, whenever a new version is built and deployed, the QA team should be notified; functional and non-functional test automation should be executed automatically to make sure that the build is stable.

While automation is a key principle of Continuous Testing, requirement traceability has a crucial role in defining the risk that companies face after executing their tests. It’s important to know which requirement works as expected or not.

Moreover, many other test tools can be added to the pipeline such as; static code analysis, security tools, etc…

As Testinium company, we provide web and mobile automation by supporting Selenium and Appium with many integrations including Jira for defect management and TestRails for requirement traceability. Testinium is integrated with CI tools like Jenkins to make sure testing never stops. By using our JMeter based performance testing tool Loadium, performance tests can be added to your delivery pipeline to make sure your application’s sanity.

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