Fact Finder Competition – The Winner and The Results

Our UKSTAR Fact Finder Competition has come to an end. Many thanks to everybody who took part!

The winner this year was:

Igor Borodin

who  was the only entrant to score 100% on the quiz!

Well done Igor! We can’t wait to meet you at UKSTAR 2018

Interested to know who matches to the facts? We’ve let you know below.

We’ve also added in some extra facts about our speakers for those that didn’t make it into the quiz

Make sure to use the facts as ice-breakers when you meet all of our speakers next March in London at UKSTAR 2018!

We can’t wait to see you there.




UKSTAR SpeakersJitesh Gosai – I went to the same school as Mark Morrison (return of the Mac)

Vlad – Used to be a peridromophilist for about 10 years

Johan Sandell – I have competed to some extent in Chess, Scrabble and ultra marathons

Hristo Gergov – I have a twin brother that is amazing painter while my hand-writing is out of question.

Richard Paterson – I’m 6’10” tall.

Saga Davidsdottir – I drove through a volcanic storm in Iceland

Yann Person – I own more than 50 pair of shoes (that I wear regularly!)

Ali Hill – My name is in the Xbox One/PS4 and PC credits for Rockstar’s ‘GTA V’

Lena Wiberg – I have a Dance Dance Revolution Arcade in my living room and try to use it at least an hour a day

Magnus Pettersson – I have a past as an amateur DJ in the synth and 80’s scene

Harry Girlea – I know by heart 90% of World of Warcraft Lore

Martin Zedeler – I used to be a Staff Sergeant in an European armed force

Rick Tracy  – When I am bored or feeling socially worn out, I take snacks like peanuts, m&ms or chips and I push them against each other to see which one breaks. The ones that survive go to a championship round. The winner is also eaten. It’s not very motivating for them, I imagine.

Simon Prior – I had half my left lung removed when I was 12 due to Pneumonia

Joep Lobee – I was robbed of my chips by a gang of 200 black swans in New Zealand.



Other Interesting Facts

Dan Billing  I like cooking and baking great, a cat whisperer and love Science Fiction
Aleksandar Ristic  I’m writing short SF story about testing.
My first computer (that I have built in a garage with my father) had 4 KB (kilobytes!!!) of RAM memory, and we were still able to play games on it J
Susie Maguire I delivered a £1m contract over 3 months in the UK and France entirely barefoot.
The make-up artist didn’t turn up the morning I was interviewing Mark Zuckerberg so I had to powder his face myself.
Jitesh Gosai  I walk 10 miles a day
Nicholas Hjelmberg  I play board games in my spare time and have designed 30 board games
I have a passion for baking and my “bun basket” is well known at the office
Rhian Lewis I went to Germany for a six-week contract four years ago and fell in love with the country, the people and the language. Now I live for part of every year in Berlin and am finally learning to speak German properly!
Joshua Crowther  I make good Homebrew
Rebeca Miller  Rebeca plays Tag Rugby when she’s not Performance Testing
Amber Race  I majored in Asian Studies and taught English in rural Japan for three years after graduating from college. When I applied for my first position as a contract tester at Microsoft, it was my Japanese that got me hired by a team working on handwriting recognition software.
Laurent Py  I created my first startup at 29 and it was a failure. Then I decided to create a new one and it is successful. I’ve learnt the test first philosophy the hard way.
Jesper Ottosen  I was active on the internet before WWW was invented
I registered my first internet domain in 1997
Marianne Duijst  In the summer of 2017, I volunteered as an international service team member at a scout camp that welcomed people from over a 100 countries
Magnus Pettersson  My childhood dream was to become a detective
Andrew Brown  My daughter and I hold the world record for the least successful first driving lesson. It started off happily on a deserted lane in Burnham Beeches woods, but ended somewhat less happily 200 yards later with the front of the car embedded in a tree stump.
Johan Sandell  Devoted lover of mountains, and love experiencing them and other parts of nature on foot.
Vlad Romanenko  Once I visited a concert of the musical band “Dzieciuki”, going there and back by bus & train (it was like 15 hours of travel from my home city). Of course, tickets were bought in advance. Nevertheless on my way back home after the concert I found out that all seats in the bus were occupied by the musicians of this band. Apparently I was kindly asked to wait for the next bus, missed the interchange train and spent 7 more hours on a bus station, keeping watch over the row so as not to let anybody to occupy my place in the bus. Oh yes, my visa almost got expired as I crossed the border just 40 minutes before the deadline.
Torstein Skarra  Torstein once embarked on a sailing yacht in Sweden, having planned to go to India for 6 months. Due a slight misunderstanding, he ended up in the West Indies. The sailing was still very good though!
Isabel Vilacides  I like to spend my spare team taking care of my urban garden
Viktor Slavchev  I am interested in martial arts and I am currently practicing iaido, jodo and aikido.
Yann Person  I spent a year in a wheelchair after a ski accident: it didn’t stop me from getting my Master’s degree.
Simon Prior I run the Aylesbury Tester Gathering which meets bi-monthly, bringing testers together from all over Buckinghamshire.
I volunteer as a presenter of E-Safety material to teach schools and parents about the dangers online
Joel Montvelisky  Born in Costa Rica, to a family of Polish immigrants, moved to Israel, where I meet and married my wife who is from Iraqi descent
Kinga Witko  I sing in a musical in my home town
Rick Tracy  When I was a young child, I liked playing in the sandbox and making things during recess. This went on really well until the teacher came by to bring us all inside. This would not do, as I was not finished with my construction. The teacher noted that it was time to go inside, to which I replied that that was impossible, as I was still busy and she should come back later. This went on for quite some time. Eventually we came to an agreeable outcome; she would come by five minutes before the end of recess and indicate that construction needed to wrap up. I agreed and there were no further issues. Thus did I learn how to sand timebox.
I am in the process of writing a series of novels about a world (like this one) where luck and possibility is a manipulatable thing. It starts as an action/mystery novel and slowely turns into more epic worldbuilding as the arcs continue. I am currently finished with the author edit and will send it to publishers in the coming month.
James Thomas  I once punched a choirboy in the face.
Martin Zedeler  I was a soldier for eight years
I have a Danish father and a South African mother

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