First Webinars of 2017 from the UKSTAR Organising Committee

 To kick-start 2017 we’re giving you a chance to see more from our fantastic organising committee before UKSTAR this February.

You can see Declan O’Riordan, Dorothy Graham and James Lyndsay in the first webinars of 2017 over on the EuroSTAR Huddle Page.

Each member of the Committee will be presenting a Webinar – we’ve got all the details right here for you to take a look, including dates and times, just scroll down to see more.



Declan O’Riordan

Application Security is a wide and deep subject, yet it’s possible for any tester to learn all they need to know about security. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and effort to master. The shortage of skills and limitations of tools creates bottlenecks that restrict delivery to production. I’ll trace a journey through vulnerability testing and explain why and how my thinking has changed over time.

You’ll learn how a new generation of real-time sensors are offering answers that will transform security testing this decade. Webinar attendees will discover new opportunities for testers interested in security to shift left, down, right and up, without the hassle of learning about non-idempotent systems and all that tricky stuff!



Dorothy Graham

There are many places to visit it the world and it can be interesting to see “where you’ve been”. There are many places in the software for tests to visit, and seeing “where the tests have been” can be very interesting for testers.

Dot Graham explains what coverage is, and why it can be misleading to talk about 100% coverage. Coverage is a relationship between the tests and the software being tested, and is an objective measurement of some aspect of thoroughness of the testing. But should testing be thorough? Not necessarily. There are two mis-uses of the term coverage which you should be aware of. Whenever you hear the term “coverage”, there is an important question that you should always ask.



James Lyndsay

In this webinar, James will show you a working example of how he translates bulk tests of a tiny algorithm into a useful understanding of the algorithm’s behaviour.



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