Getting A Handle On Future Technologies

The world and technology is changing so fast. Keeping yourself up-to-date takes some effort and planning. What will stay relevant and what will fizzle out.

Bill Matthews, UKSTAR Program Committee has selected a journey through the programme for those who seek to stay up to date and explore emerging technologies. Below we’ve highlighted Keynotes, Deep Dives and Tracks that are perfectly suited for someone looking to improve their knowledge at UKSTAR 2019.


Keynote 1: The Reality of Testing in an Artificial World with Angie Jones (USA)

  • In this talk, we’ll discuss the tester’s role in a new artificial world, the skills needed to test such applications, and the impact that a tester can make in this space.

Deep Dive C: Embracing Uncertainty In Software Development with Fiona Charles (Canada)

  • Discover how you can grow your own tolerance for uncertainty and how to embrace it in this modern world.

Track 2: Future-Proofing In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence with Johnathan Wright (UK)

  • Join Jonathon who will share his recent experience of implementing Augmented Intelligent (AI) through harmonising Human Intelligence (such as Mechanical Turk) with Artificial Intelligence (Consensus Algorithms) to test next generation Enterprise AI platforms.

Track 6: Maximum Human Intervention with Susie Maguire (UK)

  • Susie argues we need to swim against the automation tide, where human intervention is intentionally maximised, where connection is the path, where creation and creativity are the process, and where love is the point. Join her at UKSTAR 2019.

Track 8: Is it Possible To Automate Your Customer Support? with Maja Schreiner (Switzerland)

  • Based on our experiences while developing cloud storage services for our private customers, Maja will present a story of why and how “we joined forces in development, testing and customer support. I’ll explain how we are building self-reliant user communities and automating designated answers to different categories of customer requests”.

Track 12: A Wearables Story: Testing The Human Experience with Gerie Owen (USA)

  • Fitbits, Apple watches, Garmins they are everywhere! But how do we test them? Join Gerie as she discusses her experience testing these complex devices.

Keynote 2: Technology’s Feet On Society’s Ground with Fiona Charles (Canada)

  • What microphones are listening? What cameras are watching you? Who is analyzing the data, who is profiting? Join Fiona as she tackles these difficult questions and unveils the truth behind the cost to our privacy with all these technological advancements.


Keynote 3: How To Lead Successful Organisational Change with Amy Philips (UK)

  • In this talk Amy will use her real life experiences of implementing Continuous Delivery and DevOps processes to explore the exciting, and difficult world of organisational change. You’ll come away with tips to successfully spot opportunities for improvement, who to tell, when to do it, and how to make sure your change has the best chance of being successful.

Track 3: Testers: Is It Our Own Fault We Are Underrated? with Claire Goss (Ireland)

  • In this talk Claire will be putting forward ideas and thoughts on what as an Industry we can do to prevent our profession and the jobs industry from being fully fixated on automation and striking a better balance between Software Developer in Test jobs and more traditional Tester roles.

Track 6: What Aircrews Can Teach Testing Teams with Peter Varhol (USA)

  • Join Peter to learn how you can apply aircrew practices to your team’s delivery of high quality applications through complementary expertise, collaboration, and decision-making (it may save your life one day)

Track 8: Are We Crazy? with Rick Tracy (The Netherlands)

  • Rick will discuss what we do, why we do it and the dangerous obsession with perfection/zero defects in testing. Rick wants you to remember that perfection is a myth and the world runs on flaws and our greatest value comes in our knowledge of these flaws.

Keynote 4: Why Do We Automate? with Bas Dijkstra (The Netherlands)

  • Bas states that throughout his career he’s “seen (and created!) a lot of horribly ineffective automation solutions”. In this talk, I’ll share with you what I think is the key to doing better when it comes to automation and it all starts with the “why”.

Deep Dive E: Improvised Storytelling with Magnus Pettersson (Sweden)

  • Learn to practice improvised storytelling with Magnus Pettersson. Magnus will show you how storytelling will come in handy in a testers life.




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