UKSTAR Golden Ticket

UKSTAR Golden Ticket Competition


1. UKSTAR’s ‘Golden Ticket’ promotion will run from Monday, 12th February and end on Friday, 16th February

2. This promotion will run for 5 days in total across our 4 webinars

3. Each day during our webinar we will provide a clue

4. To play, you will hear 4 clues across each webinar, one clue per webinar – you can register for the webinars on the Test Huddle Website

5. Each clue must be solved to determine a number

6. Players must collect all 4 numbers, add the 4 numbers together and submit their answer on the relevant form on the UKSTAR website

7. Correct answers will go into a draw and a winner chosen at random.

8. The winner will be emailed after the competition closes

9. Prizes will be in the winner’s name only

10. UKSTAR’s decision is final and no correspondence regarding that decision will be entered into.

11. UKSTAR prizes are non-transferable, and will only be awarded to the prize-winner.