The Great UKSTAR Pub Quiz – Week 1


Welcome to the first instalment of the UKSTAR Weekly Pub Quiz. For the next 5 weeks, we will host the most challenging, cunning pub quiz you can imagine.

Great UKSTAR Pub Quiz Graphic


The Pub quiz is a British institution in itself. The Pub Quiz became popular in the early 1970’s and has remained so since. It is common to find most local pubs in Britain host a weekly pub quiz with different question rounds on topics like history, sports, politics geography and more.

As we want to acknowledge our host city and country, expect questions on the famous British personalities, London landmarks, London’s sports teams and more. Some of the answers you may know, some you might have to research.


You Can Win

You win 10% if you win one of the Weekly Quiz. All of the winners from each week will be entered into a draw for an overall prize of a two-day ticket to attend the UKSTAR Software Testing Conference in London at the end of February.

Test Yourself today.

If you didn’t win this week you can always try the latest version of the Great UKSTAR Pub Quiz on the UKSTAR Blog.

Best of Luck!

The winner of 10% off their UKSTAR Ticket is:

Lee Hawkins

1. This famous British musician and songwriter died on Christmas Eve 2016. Name him.

Answer: Rick Parfitt


2. Name the London Bridge pictured below?


Answer: Blackfriars Railway Bridge


3. Which UKSTAR speaker gives birth to 100 (virtual) babies every year? (Hint* this was in our Guess the Interesting Fact Competition Recently)

Answer: Nathalie Van Delft


4. Solve the Riddle


Answer: Six Feet Under Ground


5. Which London football team has won the most F.A. Cups?

Answer: Arsenal


6. How Many British Prime Ministers have been assassinated in office?

Answer: One


7. Can you name the famous Britain below?


Answer: Captain James Cook


8. What speaker at UKSTAR will be explaining the Test and Automation journey of the BBC iPlayer?

Answer: Jitesh Gosai

Comment List

  • Siobhan 10 / 01 / 2017

    Nice comp guys. Good mixture of questions incorporating the programme

  • Stefan 11 / 01 / 2017

    There’s no subjective question to be interpreted to differentiate people that responded correctly to all of the above.
    So how is a winner obtained?
    Is it the fastest to have answered correctly to all the questions?
    Is it fair, if it is this way, to let people answer the questions for 7 days when the winner was already established a few minutes after the quiz was posted?

  • Ronan 12 / 01 / 2017

    Hi Stefan,

    It is not the fastest. If there are a number of people that have the most right answers, the winner will be selected by random so everyone that gets say 100% if that is the highest score will have an equal chance of winning that week.

    The questions are done in the style and spirit of a pub quiz hence no subjective questions.It is hard today to have any series of questions online with the answers very easy to find.

    We hope that by including some images, we might be able to make it a small bit harder.

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