The Great UKSTAR Pub Quiz – Week 2

Welcome to the second installment of the UKSTAR Weekly Pub Quiz. Thanks to everyone who entered last week.


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The results of Week 1 quiz can be found here. As mentioned last week, the Pub Quiz is a British institution with thousands of pub quizzes held each week across the U.K. To celebrate this tradition, we at UKSTAR are hosting a weekly Pub Quiz with questions on history, sports, current affairs, famous faces and more.

Win Every Week!

You win 10% if you win one of the Weekly Quizzes. All of the winners from each week will be entered into a draw for an overall prize of a two-day ticket to attend the UKSTAR Software Testing Conference in London on 27th-28th February.

Test Yourself today.

Best of Luck!

The winner of 10% off their UKSTAR Ticket is:

Claire Reckless


1. Which artist has the record for most No.1 Singles in the British Charts?

Answer: Elvis Presley


2. Name the London Bridge pictured below?

UKSTAR Pub Quiz Week 2 London Bridge

Answer: Richmond Bridge


3. Which one of these people is not one of the UKSTAR organising committee?

Answer: James Whittaker


4. What common phrase does the image (below) represent?


Answer: Dr. Dolittle


5. Marylebone Cricket Club home ground is famously know as what?

Answer: Lords


6. Currently there is a new tunnel being built as part of the London Underground. What name will that project take when it is completed?

Answer: Elizabeth Line


7. Can you name the famous Britain below?

Famous Person Week 2

Answer: Charles Darwin


8. What is the name of the venue that UKSTAR will be held on the 27th-28th February?

Answer: County Hall


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