The Great UKSTAR Pub Quiz – Week 3

It’s Week 3 already of the UKSTAR Pub Quiz. Already we have had numerous entries for the chance to win a place at the UKSTAR software Testing Conference to be held on the 27th and 28th of February.


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The Results of the Week 2 Quiz can be found here and for those involved from the start, the results of Week 1 are here.

There are four weeks left of the Pub Quiz including this week. Make sure to enter every week. Not only is there a weekly prize but there is also the chance to get to the UKSTAR Conference.

The persons who scores 100% in the quiz each week.


A Winner Every Week

Each weekly winner will win a 10% discount for the UKSTAR Conference. One lucky name will be drawn at the end of the six weeks and will get to attend both days of the UKSTAR Software Testing Conference.


The winner of 10% off their UKSTAR Ticket is:

Magnus Pettersson



And The Answers

1. Who is the biggest selling British artist of the 21st Century?

Answer: Adele


2.  Name the London Bridge?

Answer: Chelsea Bridge


3.  What does UKSTAR speaker Siegfried Goeschl see as the future for software testing? 

Answer: Testers and Developers Roles Merging


4. What common phrase does the image (below) represent?

Dingbat Week 3








Answer: All For One and One For All



5. What year did London first hold the Olympic Games?

Answer: 1908



6. How Members of Parliament are there?

Answer: 650



7. Can you name the famous Britain below?

Famous Person Week 3










Answer: Isambard Kingdom Brunel



8. What is Albert Wittveen New Year’s Resolution?

Answer: Finish writing his book on performance testing


Now try this Week’s Quiz and see how many you can get right.



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