The Great UKSTAR Pub Quiz – Week 5

It is the penultimate week of the pub quiz. So with just this week’s and next week’s quiz left, you are down to two chances to get your name in the draw for a place at the UKSTAR Conference. So it is time to test your knowledge for another week. This week the questions are just as hard.


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The Pub Quiz is a celebrated tradition in both the U.K. and Ireland. Pub quizes are common in pubs all across the country. Many are for fun though there are some competitive quizes. Rounds typically include questions on sport, history, geography, music and a picture round. The UKSTAR Pub Quiz is no different. So go ahead and test yourself.

Looking for the answers to the previous rounds? Here are the answers to questions from Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 and Week 4.


Win A Place at UKSTAR!

You win 10% if you win one of the Weekly Quizzes. All of the winners from each week will be entered into a draw for an overall prize of a two-day ticket to attend the UKSTAR Software Testing Conference in London on 27th-28th February.


The winner of 10% off their UKSTAR Ticket is:

Peet Michielsen


1. Which artist has had a No.1 in the UK Charts in five consecutive decades?

Answer: Cliff Richards


2. Name the London Bridge pictured below?

UKSTAR Pub Quiz Bridge Week 5

Answer: Hungerford Bridge


3. What course did UKSTAR Speaker Martha Firlej take in college? (Hint: Try the blog)

Answer: Physics


4. What common phrase does the image (below) represent?

Dingbat Week 5

Answer: Forbidden Fruit


5. An annual race takes place on the Thames each year for the past 161 years involving two British University’s. Where on the Thames does this race start?

Answer: Putney


6. What is the population of Greater London?

Answer: 8.6 Million


7. Can you name the famous Britain below?

Week 5 Famous Person

Answer: King Alfred


8. What is the name of Bill Matthews talk at UKSTAR?

Answer: Testing in the Age of Complexity

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