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Automation is old news. Most companies and tech leaders are already on board with automation and the promise it brings. What is newsworthy however is automation’s potential in the testing ecosystem. Its ability to solve a number of critical challenges by allowing businesses to bring in machines and software intelligence in the mix.

Intelligent automation, that is, the use of AI and machine learning coupled with automated testing, unlocks the full potential of agility and innovation for enterprises. This is because intelligent automation has an evolved understanding of business processes and outcomes. So, when the algorithm is applied to enterprise apps, test automation can reveal insights and predict outcomes along with suggestions and alternate courses of action based on dynamic information.

This leads to better release velocity, higher volume of test data and thus more analytics and insights from these vast volumes. You can feed those insights and recommendations right back into the automation suite.

Being able to anticipate some of these defects, scenarios and problems earlier on, lets you make intelligent decisions, save time and develop faster and smarter. It is Shift Left Testing in practice and Agile in its element as machines learn from the patterns and trends, recommending and prescribing the best way forward.

And thus, we create a continuous feedback loop helping businesses to test faster and smarter. Intelligent test automation eliminates complexity, reduce time to market and innovate with new services and products.

What’s more, this prescriptive aspect of machines and bots is great for implementing dynamic and non-rules-based processes. They are highly adaptive – which means they can make optimal adjustments when variables change. This opens a whole new world of innovation and agility.

Automate Intelligently to Fast-track Delivery

Optimizing test case quality:  The end goal of intelligent automation should not just be testing more but also testing better. That is quality along with quantity. Intelligent testing lets you to produce high volumes of data. And with the right tools you can convert all this wealth of information into relevant insights that enhance overall software quality. You can release more confidently with real time intelligence and coverage analytics along with re-usability index.

Seamless transition from manual to automated testing with intelligence

Test automation software holds the key to drive high velocity quality engineering. Enterprises demand a completely renewed approach to SDLC within the DevOps and Agile constructs.  Unified Test Automation tools such as QMetry Automation Studio can handle complex enterprise apps, various integrations and understand the need to release better quality software faster. It can seamlessly support diverse complex testing scenarios, multiple test environments and integrations. Its high-velocity test automation obviously generates copious amounts of test data.

This information is key to improve your automation project and unravel many actionable insights and intelligence. Smarter automation means deeper insights and forecasts, actionable insights, results and recommendations. Enter QMetry Wisdom, a one-of a-kind product that uses Software Quality Metrics to convert automated testing efforts into applicable results, insights and recommendations. It offers a holistic picture of failures, root causes and recommended test actions to correct these. You can use suggestive intelligence with varying execution options based on the results.  Testers and developers can then outline the best course of action and scope for the following iterations.

But it doesn’t end there. The beauty of integrated tools and intelligent automation is that you can further benefit from these prescriptions. By feeding these into your core platform like QAS to improve your software quality continuously and realizing the CI/CD pipeline in its true sense.

Modularity and integration

Any modern, avant-garde test management solution cannot be truly intelligent if it doesn’t offer you flexibility.  Do your tools and processes support integration with other frameworks and toolsets? Can you pick and choose the flavors and features that are required for you to test just so? As an evolving and scaling entity, your company will need all the control and customization features that allow you to stay on top of your automation game. QMetry’s Test Management is intuitive, enterprise-grade and truly modular to suit varying business needs. Sign up for a trial today and experience the benefits.

We have only scratched the surface where intelligent testing is concerned. There’s so much more you can achieve with intelligent automation:

  • Smarter UI testing:
  • GUI-based testing and headless automation
  • Functional testing
  • Integration with multiple platforms

Intelligent Digital Quality Platform

Intelligent automation is all the rage now with its potential to achieve a seamless DevTestOps practice. But teams now need to reflect on their test automation strategy. Analyze your test management suite to see where you can reduce time and effort, how you can test smarter. Be it re-usability, modularity or simply the power to make test suites smarter and monitor the quality of software build by build.

If you are interested to know more about building an intelligent digital quality platform, then team QMetry has all the intel at the UKSTAR 2018 conference on 12-13 March in London. Come visit us at booth 3 and pick our brains.

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