Meet the Speaker UKSTAR 2018 | Lena Wiberg

Next up in our ‘Meet the Speaker’ Series for UKSTAR 2018 is Lena Wiberg.


Lena first entered the IT-industry during the last trembling years of the 20th century.

She currently works with quality assurance (or assistance if the teams are agile enough) but started out as a programmer and that background can be seen a lot in her chosen methods and approaches. Asking her what she does for a living will probably cause some gritted teeth and uncomfortable silence due to her dislike of the title “Test Manager” and her constant struggle to make the teams work smoothly without her.

Lena hates finding “easy” defects and loves when quality is a state of mind rather than a separate activity.

Outside of work she passionately LOVES everything related to fantasy! Books, movies, anime, art, GAMES! Who needs a dining room when you can fill it with pin ball- and arcade machines?


Lena will present as part of a storytelling session. Lean will present her story ‘Tax Calculation – How Mind Mapping Kept Me Sane‘ at UKSTAR 2018 in London.


1. What is your favourite testing book/blog? Why is this your favourite?

I need to mention a few:

Explore It!: Reduce Risk and Increase Confidence with Exploratory Testing by Elisabeth Hendrickson
Because it is a really good introduction to risk based exploratory testing and still gives me new insights every time I read it. I try to hand it out to new testers whenever I get the chance.

Testledning, by David Pers and Mikael Ölund
This is a Swedish one but it is a really nice practical guide to test management. Even though it’s a few years old it still gives me something to fall back on when I need to structure a process or improve an organization.


2. How do you keep up to date with the software testing industry?

I follow a lot of Slack-channels, a lot of testers and devs on Twitter and try to go to as many meetups as possible.

I get a lot of reading tips from those and try to read as much as I can. Favourite slack channels right now are Women in test, Ministry of testing and Test Sverige.


3. What is the biggest misconception about testing that you’ve heard?

That it is a good goal to strive for 100% automation.



Just stop doing other types of testing and you’re done.

Good idea?

Absolutely not!




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