Meet the Speaker UKSTAR 2018 | Saurabh Shrihar

Next up in our ‘Meet the Speaker’ Series for UKSTAR 2018 is Saurabh Shrihar.


Saurabh is an automation specialist managing a team of high quality automation specialists to deliver automation solutions.

His team works across multiple IT Application Services platforms such as SAP, mobile app development, Big Data, Web development, Data Visualization – Qlik and Tableau, Salesforce, Drupal, Workday, Test management etc. They create and maintain Continuous Integration through cloud services. They also deliver high quality software working in an Agile development manner.

In the past Saurabh has worked on building and maintaining a number of test automation frameworks in Unified Communications and Chip Manufacturing R&D centers.

Saurabh is originally from India and has completed his Bachelors in Engineering from India Masters in I.T. from DIT, Dublin. He believes in knowledge sharing and gaining expertise in IT. He still feels like he has a lot to learn and has to continuously strive to keep up with the changes.


You can find Saurabh online on his Twitter or LinkedIn


Saurabh will present his session ‘Unified Automation Using Robot Framework for GxP Development in Agile‘ at UKSTAR 2018 in London.


1. What is your favourite testing book/blog? Why is this your favourite?

My favorite blog on testing is

Any tools, processes and issues with them are explained in a very detailed manner and I have used it extensive to ramp up on a number of tools and processes using these blogs. This is highly popular in the testing community and many people have contributed to the list of testing blogs in this space.


2. How do you keep up to date with the software testing industry?

I usually follow a lot of online tutorials.

YouTube, Safari books and Lynda are my choice of keeping up with the industry trends.

I have also been attending and presenting on various conferences around testing and automation. Other points to note is to build relationships and contacts with local industry leaders and also with leaders all over the world.


3. What is the biggest misconception about testing that you’ve heard?

Testing is dead. – Actually it has moved out from doing mundane tasks which are taken over by the machines but the skill is more refined now where professionals are looking for bringing in more quality through ever more automated tools.

If testing were to die you are saying that devs create perfect code which even the God cannot be given credit for creating a perfect universe.




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