Meet the Speaker UKSTAR 2018 | Vlad Romanenko

Next up in our ‘Meet the Speaker’ Series for UKSTAR 2018 is Vlad Romanenko.


Vlad is a QA engineer with a solid geographical background.

About 3 years ago Vlad decided to drastically change his field of occupation: thus after calm land management he plunged into the raging sea of software testing.

Now, his experience includes testing mobile Android and iOS apps; web sites & backend testing. Vlad has hands on testing experience within an Agile environment and BDD methodology. Last year he tried being a test lead on a project with a team of 7 QA-engineers. At the moment Vlad lives in London 😀 and work as a QA engineer for Badoo iOS app. He likes conferences & other testing events for the chance to meet new people and share the valuable knowledge. Vlad was a speaker 3 times at international SQA Days testing conference, as well as at the local meet-ups; volunteered at European testing conference; got the first prizes at Testathon,, Android QA battle. Besides, he also successfully passed ISTQB Test Analyst exam (2016) and now implementing the gained knowledge.


Vlad will present his session ‘Proactive iOS App Profiling as a QA Pro’ at UKSTAR 2018 in London.


1. What is your favourite testing book/blog? Why is this your favourite?

Lessons learned in Software testing by Cem Kaner, James Bach and Bret Pettichord.

My favourite blog is Reason is quite simple: it covers the things I face in my everyday work and helps to solve the problems. Also, few years ago thanks to this blog I started learning about BDD methodology and trying some of the concepts with BDDFire framework.


As for the book, I’d like to mention “How Google Tests Software“. It was one of the first books I’ve read about testing (I bet it was the second). What’s more, I followed the advise and re-read the book after working for two years and saw the revealed concepts under a different angle.


2. How do you keep up to date with the software testing industry?

Firstly, my team at Badoo contributes a lot to staying up-to-date with the latest news & technologies. We attend different conferences, meetups & cources across the whole world and share the gained knowledge.

Also, I definitely recommend everybody to join Testers Slack team and benefit from communication on various test-related topics.

Finally, I try to go to meetups and conferences. There one could not only listen to the speakers, but also share their knowledge and talk to lots of interesting people. For tracking the upcoming events I like and Software Testing Conferences.


3. What is the biggest misconception about testing that you’ve heard?

There are several common misconceptions that I partially share though they are quite doubtful. However I won’t emphasize any of them.


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