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Introducing this weeks speaker; Artem Vasiuk. Artem will be presenting his talk ‘Ignite Security Testing Practice in Your Teamon 11th March 2019.   Artem has been working as a Test Manager in a Danish company, Scalepoint for the past 8 years.  During this time, he has been responsible for delivering improvements on both manual and automated testing areas.  In recent times, as the introduction of  ‘Continuous Everything’ , requirements for Quality Assurance have became very tight. To prevent ‘inventing a wheel’, Artem re-uses well known tools, standards and process models to save time and money during development. And that’s something he is willing to share with others.

Here’s what Artem has to say

What inspired you to develop this topic as a talk? 

Knowledge sharing and lessons learned are crucial aspects of personal development. I have knowledge that would greatly benefit those that seek it.  This conference provides a great opportunity to share this knowledge. So, why not?

One tip for anyone starting out in software testing? 

Try to avoid inventing solutions from scratch. Nothing is new under the sun, and most of the situations you consider specific to yourself have been dealt by others. Read articles and blogs, talk to people at conferences and meetups. Look for existing solutions from other people, learn from their experience. 

If you were on a deserted island and could only bring one item with you, which would it be and why? 

A return ticket home to the continent. I would enjoy a short stay on this deserted island I would need to return to a civilized world. 

What is the future of software testing? 

Currently, software testing is an Art, where every tester has their own style. If humanity pursues development of AI and ways to introduce it into software development process, testing will become a monotonous boring process.  Software products would then become very straightforward and non-creative.  

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