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The UKSTAR Meet the Speaker series presents Hristro Gergov! Hristro will be showcasing his talk ‘Chatbots and How to Test Themon Monday 11th March, 2019.  With over 6 years of testing experience and quality assurance for innovative products of IBM, VMware and Deutsche Telekom, Hristro is one not to be missed this March!

Working with the latest cutting-edge technologies, Hristo maintains and expands his expertise in Quality Assurance, Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. His passion is to implement and introduce creative testing approaches and stay tuned with the latest QA trends. Currently, Hristo Gergov coordinates a team of 20 test specialists in Bulgaria and Macedonia at a leading European SmartHome platform – Qivicon.

Here’s what Hristro has to say..

What inspired you to develop this topic as a talk  

The Chatbots are a trending topic in last few years and it seems that the time has come for some more practical/business oriented results out of it. In the course of the last year I was involved as an advisor/consultant in a few projects in my company which goal was to deliver a chatbot in different business domains. While figuring out the best testing strategy, we faced quite a few challenges that required unorthodox approaches for solving them. At some point I realised that we have enough knowledge to share with the community about our experience so far, hence I submitted my application for UKSTAR. 

One tip for anyone starting out in software testing
Always do the right thing even when nobody is watching. In the context QA/Testing this means always to be customer centric and do what is right for the consumer of the software.

If you were on a deserted island and could only bring one item with you, which would it be and why?
Picture of me and the loved ones to remind me of the better days we had and the much better ones to hopefully come in the future 🙂

What is the future of software testing
I would expect that in the future we will have to be focused heavily on test automation for the basic/repeating stuffs. On the other hand, the really crucial tasks of verifying the initial delivery would require a lot of technical, out-of-the box thinking and detailed understanding of the “big-picture”. Knowledge of the business domain would also be important in order to understand the customer behavior and expectations.

Meet Hristro at UKSTAR 2019 and learn all about the emerging trend of Chatbots.

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