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We are delighted to have Johnathon Wright on the 2019 programme for UKSTAR.  Watch this YouTube video where Jonathon explains why you should attend his talk >>

Continue Reading to see how Jonathon has answered the famous four questions of the series..

What inspired you to develop this topic as a talk?  

The approaches and techniques that worked yesterday, may no longer be the optimum approach for the future. Historically, human processes have been based on linear, sequential activities highly suitable to be replaced by Digital Engineering practices such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL). However, robots are no longer mimicking human behaviours, but far surpassing our greatest expectations. Traditional hardware and software are now becoming independent selfaware intelligent entities as they continue to journey towards the Singularity. 

One tip for anyone starting out in software testing? 

Back in the 1990s when starting out in software test automation, the first book I read on the subject by Dorothy Graham inspired me to find out a mentor within the test automation industry, years later I found myself contributing to the follow up bestselling book on test automation. My tip for anyone starting out in software testing would be to reach out to pillars of the testing community and find yourself a mentor to provide support and guidance. 

If you were on a deserted island and could only bring one item with you, which would it be and why? 

Any mixed reality (MR) supported device, such as oculus go with 5G connectivity allowing me to enjoy the downtime of been stranded on a deserted island whilst leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) with HoloLens based technology to allow me to continue to contribute and interact remotely to distributed digital workplaces. 

What is the future of software testing? 

In the future of digital testing landscape, everyone will be directly responsible for digital quality, these digital experiences will be constantly changing and continuous evolving. The historical approach to testing through lengthy plan–build–test–deploy cycles will no longer be sustainable in an increasingly competitive, consumer–centric marketplace. Merely compressing testing cycles by adopting iterative or agile methods. This will still fall short for digital testing or proving hypotheses against next generation cognitive platforms. Enabling accelerated speed–to–market and failing-fast learning rapidly against enterprise AI capabilities such as Computer Vision, Neural Networks and Machine Learning within hours not days. 


Join Jonathon Wright 11th-12th March at UKSTAR Software Testing Conference, London.

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