Meet UKSTAR Speaker – Jitesh Gosai

UKSTAR Speaker Jitesh Gosai is next for our Meet the Speakers Series.

Jitesh will present his session ‘Mis-Adventures in Test Automation – iPlayer Mobile‘ on Tuesday the 28th at 12:30 p.m.

How did you get started in software testing?

By accident! I thought I was going for a software developer job at a large UK bank but when I arrived it turned out to be for a Test Analyst (as we were known then) position. Being that it was my first real job in the software industry I decided to go for it in the hope that I would switch into development once I was in. Within a year I was Test lead rolling out the updates to their Telephone Banking systems and actually enjoying what I was doing.

After my random start in testing I went on to work with a small startup, creating software for mobile phones such as Nokia S60 series, Windows Mobile and Blackberry. I loved it as it was working with the ‘toys’ I had always wanted; like the massive Sony Ericcson P990 with flip down keypad to reveal the screen.

Following on from the 2007 boom in the mobile apps world, I finally found my opportunity to combine my desire for coding with my passion for testing.  With 10 years of experience under my belt and growing knowledge of automation tools I was able to secure a role as Developer in Test at the BBC; driving their automation strategy for iPlayer and iPlayer Radio.

I’m now 13 years into a career in testing with no sign of ever looking back.


Who inspires you?

I don’t have one particular person that inspires me but anyone who has had to overcome adversity and hardship to get to where they are definitely have my admiration.

If I had to name some, they would have to be Mahatma Ghandi for using non-violent protest.

Viktor Frankl for surviving the Nazi death camps.

Soichiro Honda for how he started Honda Motor Co and of course.

Not forgetting Ada Lovelace for being the first ever developer.


What do you see for the future of software testing?

With the ever changing move to agile development practices and now more recently to DevOps, we as testers are going to need to be more adaptable than ever.  What may have been seen as traditional tester roles will change and we will need develop new skills and a more flexible way to carry out testing.

However, our ability to advocate for the end user will still remain as a large part of the role as I see it being integral for smooth development processes.



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