Meet UKSTAR Speaker – Nathalie Van Delft

Nathalie will be hosting one of UKSTAR’s Conversation Tracks along with Rik Marselis. Her presentation is titled ‘DataEthics: We don’t cross that bridge when we get there!’

As we mentioned in previous ‘meet the…’ blog posts, we ask the speakers questions so that you can get to know them better. Here’s Nathalie’s answers 😀

How did you get started in software testing?

It actually was unintentional. I studied Information Technology – Interaction Design, but when I graduated, jobs were very scarce in that particular field of expertise. So I started working as a Progress/ Java developer, where I also did some design and was responsible for testing at a bailiff.  I didn’t work there very long until I came to hear that the whole company would soon cease to exist due to some legal issues, so I  sent an open application letter to Capgemini, hoping to get a job there.

Although I hoped it would be in interaction design, they placed me in the testing practice of the sector finance. I remember that I was happy to have a job, but that I couldn’t have sunk any deeper. Testing?!? I was a designer and could program, why did I have to do testing?

But I decided I would give it a chance and in hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened to me and I’ve not had the ambition to be an interaction designer or programmer again.

Who inspires you?

Hm, tough question since there isn’t one particular person who inspires me, but there are more that do. In testing those are Isabel Evans and Julian Harty.

Isabel because she’s always able to enthuse, she’s kind and gentle and she’s authentic, but has a sturdy knowledge and expertise in testing, combined with being empathic and being a woman, that makes her a true role model for me.

Julian inspires me, because he has shown me that leadership is all about investment in and caring for others. He always sees the possibilities that people have and helps those people unleash their potential, he’s the provider of chances but he makes sure that it is up to you to grab them. He’s done all this cool stuff at Google and eBay, has done an amazing job teaching others about Mobile Testing and puts a tremendous effort in the education of children around the world with technological solutions that actually make a difference.

What do you see for the future of software testing?

I think software (and system) testing will become increasingly important, since software and systems become more and more integrated in our lives. The profession (or craft) will probably become more diverse, we already see ‘automation’, ‘security’, ‘performance’, ‘usability’ etc. specialist for example.

There will be other types of roles that are linked to software testing and those roles are not only linked to software development, but for instance also to the use and impact on society and advisory roles in the boardroom.

Lastly I think the scope and maybe even the definition of software testing will change, this change is inherent to the change of technology and its software.



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