Meet UKSTAR Speakers – Amela & Adisa

Next in the Meet the Speaker series for UKSTAR we have Amela Teftedarija and Adisa Sinanovic.

You can see how they answered our questions below.

Amela and Adisa will be presenting their session ‘Agile Testing – Adding values to agile teams‘ on Tuesday the 28th at 12:30 p.m.


How did you get started in software testing?

Adisa: As a student, I started working in Comtrade as a tester. After getting a full-time job and a new project I worked for one year as a developer, but every time that QA needed help I was first on the line to help them. I’ve always had a good eye to catch interesting details and loved testing so I started working full time as QA engineer with a focus on test automation. I love this job and it makes me happy every time I find new way to improve my testing.

Amela: Ten years ago I started working as a software developer in my company. However, there was a need to work on test automation for one of the projects in the company, and the task was assigned to me. Ever since I work as test automation specialist. I liked the idea of making scripts for testing applications and finding bugs. I don’t think that there is much difference between testers and developers. For me testing is a challenging job as much as development is.

Who inspires you?

Adisa: Firstly, my team is my biggest inspiration. They are constantly pushing me to have forward thought, explore and innovate. But if I need to name one person that would be Lisa Crispin. I had an opportunity to participate on one of her workshops in Madrid at expoqa’16. I was so happy that I had the chance to listen to her thoughts and to participate in discussions with her.

Amela: Difficult question because I can find something inspiring in everybody.

People who work on their professional growth and not afraid of changes, always ready to give an extra mile, share their knowledge are definitely the ones I want to learn from. I would like to mention Zeger Van Hese. I had a chance to attend this brilliant presentation this year on EuroSTAR conference. Another inspiring professional for me is Lisa Crispin. I attended her presentation at one conference as well, and since then I have read her book Agile Testing (A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams), which helped me with some of the challenges that I had on my project. I follow her work since then.

Still my greatest inspiration is my family, my little son and husband. My husband has always been my support to do my best in everything that I worked on.

What do you see for the future of software testing?

Adisa: Testers need to learn new skills and grow professionally and this may mean attending meetups, conferences, internal or external training, reading books and/or blogs, trying out new tools. We need to practice to prevent defects before they happen, rather than only to detect them.

Amela: I am glad that test approach is changing. The importance of test automation is more and more emphasized. Boundaries between developers and testers are not that sharp any more. Everyone should be in charge of quality. In organizations, practicing agile methods, the role of test manager will probably cease to exist. I think that future of testing brings a lot of challenges. Testers need technical awareness, to be more flexible, dynamic, included in every phase of a project, constant collaborating with developers, product owners and costumers. I am happy if I can with my experience contribute to making software of greater quality.



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