There is power in being connected to other testers and those passionate about software quality. Choosing to be at a EuroSTAR organised event will help you get ahead, learn new skills and make valuable connections. We like to compare our quality & testing events to an afternoon espresso — a welcome jolt of energy to perk you up and waken the senses .. and yes we will have unlimited coffee!!!

Please note that for 2022 we will be hosting the 30th EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference in Copenhagen, 7-10 June 2022.

Get New Ideas

No matter how experienced you are, everyone can learn.  Take a different approach and learn something new that you can immediately implement in your workplace. New ideas and approaches make us more effective and efficient at work.

Meet Testing Experts

Meet thought-leaders in testing – ask the questions, share your ideas and expand on what is covered. You may have followed them on social media for years and being at UKSTAR gives you the chance to meet them in person! In 2019, attendees got to meet and learn from giants of testing Angie Jones, Anne-Marie Charrett, Amy Philips, Bas Dijskra, Bill Matthews, Dan Billing, Fiona Charles and so many more.



Whether it’s the energiser breakfast, coffee with tasty snacks at the breaks or over lunch, at UKSTAR you will build your professional network and also catch up with testers you may not have connected with in a while. You are not alone, everyone at UKSTAR is in the same industry and facing many of the same challenges. If networking is not your thing, bring a wingman or wingwoman (or two) and take advantage of the Team Offer. Email [email protected] for more details on group bookings.

New Tools

Get demos on tools in the Expo. Have a coffee with your preferred Expo companies and ask questions that are specific to your business struggles – far better than an online demo!

Value for Money

Software testing training courses range in price and are based on you learning online or from one instructor. Attending the UKSTAR Conference in March gives you access testing knowledge and expertise from an impressive array of over 28 recognised testing and quality assurance experts – all in one venue. The price includes all talks, deep dives, breakfast, lunch and unlimited tea/coffee and tasty snacks, it is incredible value for you as an individual and for your company.

Have Fun

It’s a proven fact that when learning is fun, you learn more! We all need to be rejuvenated in our jobs once in a while and enjoying a different learning environment makes you more open to taking in new perspectives.

Attending UKSTAR is an investment in yourself, your career, and your company. When you attend the conference, you are committing to your own growth and professional development. We look forward to welcoming you and are always on hand if you have any queries or questions!

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UKSTAR is the UK’s fastest growing software testing conference.  We welcome testers, engineers, managers, analysts, consultants together for 2 action packed days of testing excellence.