Software Meet-up Hero Award 2019

The annual software meet-up hero award has returned for the third year in a row!  

What is this The UKSTAR Software Meet-up Award?  

This is an opportunity to give recognition and thanks to someone in your meet-up group that goes above and beyond the call of duty. We want to recognise persons who give up their time to make testing and learning about testing more fun and educational for everyone.  


Who can be nominated? 

Anyone in a meet-up group that deserves acknowledgement for their work, effort and time they put in to the meet-up.  This person may be the meet-up organiser, an attendee that helps out or someone else. The Award has previously been awarded to volunteers who support and run popular testing meet-ups! However we welcome nominations for anyone you think has contributed their time to sharing testing knowledge.  


What makes someone a Software Meet-up Hero?  

There are many criteria that you could use to describe a software meet-up hero but here are a few suggestions. If this person does any of the following: nominate them! 

  • This person may bring snacks to the group 
  • Introduce newbies, make them feel comfortable, 
  • Provide games, ideas 
  • Arrange a venue  
  • Source the speakers 
  • Build awareness and promote the group 
  • Someone who is friendly and welcoming to everyone 
  • Someone who asks the best questions 
  • Organises local meet-ups 
  • Has taken the next step to share their expertise and wisdom 

If you know someone that ticks any of the above boxes, you know what to do.  

Can someone be nominated more than once? 

Yes they can, but remember it’s the voting that counts! Have a plan in place for when the voting opens to get as many votes as possible. Ideas to get those votes in could include; a 30 seconds video to share, lunch break voting, share on Facecbook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social networks.  


How will I know if I have been nominated? 

The nominees will be notified by email by 11th December – Voting open 12th December – be ready! 


What does the winning nomination receive? 

The winning vote will receive three 2-Day UKSTAR 2019 Conference tickets! View the programme here to see the incredible talks that we have in-store for the upcoming conference!  (P.s – one ticket is for you so you may aswell get nominating 😉)  

What are the dates are not to be missed? 

Nominations close 11th December 

Voting open 12th December 

Voting closes 17th December 

Winner is announced 18th December 

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How can I nominate someone? 

Simply go to Software Meet-up Hero webpage, found on the UKSTAR website.  Fill in the person’s name, details, what meet-up group(s) they belong in and why they deserve to be awarded a Software Meet-up Hero!  It takes a total of 5 minutes 😊  

Happy nominating and good luck!! 😊 

Nominate HERE 

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