Agile tester – Have you done risk-based testing lately? – 5452

While coming of age as a Test Manager I have read all about the virtues of risk-based testing in the ISTQB syllabi and in TMAP. The strategy has been easily applied in my waterfall and incremental projects, where I have used it with great success. But the water gets muddied when you move to agile testing. How do you do risk-based testing here? Do you do it at the release level, feature level or user story level? Do you only think about it during your iteration/sprint or is there another way?
In these 20-25 min I hope to stir the participants thoughts in regards to agile and risk-based testing by presenting a number of solutions to risk-based testing in an agile context. Some I have tried out, some might be a bit theoretical for me, but might be used by others. I hope that during the Q&A session that I hear about the participants experiences with the techniques or hear them challenge med about their usage. Lets see if they can make me sweat on stage 🙂