Anne Marie Charrett

Company: Testing Times

Role in Company: Principal Consultant

Country: Australia

Presentation Description

Ever wanted to know how to dig beneath the surface of a GUI by using API’s? Perhaps busy projects have prevented you from acquiring this knowledge and learning? This deep dive gives you the time and space to learn these vital new skills.

This class uses your existing Exploratory skills and puts them to a new context, an API!  Learn how to explore beneath the surface of a GUI and discover a world of testability! In this deep dive, I will demonstrate how you can begin at the GUI level, and using simple tools such as chrome and postman start exploring and developing a model of a systems API.

You will learn the basic API elements, and how API’s fit into the big picture.

I will demonstrate how to manipulate basic commands to expand your testing coverage.

Finally, I will show how you can use an API to stress test a field or a page. This deep dive will get you started on your journey to API Exploratory Testing. Join me!