Approval testing: Superpower your automation feedback

How do we ensure the feedback we are getting from our automated tests is targeted and informative? What information are we throwing away in an attempt to check for specific data?

How we design assertions and the tools we use to determine the value of our automated tests. However, most of the time we neglect our assertions, relying on libraries such as Hamcrest, Chai and Assert. Enter approval testing, a different approach to assertions that can improve tests feedback loops. By increasing the scope of what is being asserted without sacrificing speed, reliability and maintenance, approval testing can help superpower your automated tests feedback.

In this practical workshop, attendees will learn the how and why of approval testing techniques by creating automated tests using approval testing against different application layers.

By the end of this workshop students will be able to:
* Discuss the goals of automated regression testing and feedback loops
* Describe how approval testing works and differs from traditional asserting
* Construct approval tests for different interfaces ranging from API to Visual
* Construct methods to ignore specific data during approval testing