Assurance, the Evolution of Test Management

When the Agile approach emerged over fifteen years ago, there was no clear role for test managers (or even testers, at first). Over time, some test managers reverted back to being testers in teams, some specialised in test automation, or security, or moved upstream to be business analysts or product owners. Some left the business completely. In parallel with the ‘demise’ of test management in many organisations, a new discipline of Assurance is emerging and is a natural progression for delivery-focused professionals.


Assurance (aka test-, business- or delivery-assurance) is seen by many companies as the way to improve the relationship with software suppliers, to provide support to them, and where necessary, to police their activities. Assurance reports to the board and speaks truth to power, it requires coaching and persuasion skills and a deep knowledge of software and organisational dynamics. We now have Digital taking over everything – now is the time for Digital Assurance.