Automation approach: guidance from the quadrant and pyramid

Are you doing automation just for the sake of it? Are you doing it just because it’s a buzz word or trending topic? Do you know exactly where your automation fits in your testing efforts or even which levels of your application are covered? If you are having any doubts on any of the questions above, learn how we solved this problem.

I would like to share how I approached a new large scale project (migrating from an older enterprise system). My challenge to myself was to not repeat past automation mistakes by tackling the different levels of automation from the get go.

So how did I achieve all of these goals I had in mind? I decided to take a step back and go back to the theoretical aspects of testing and automation which proved to be the main success of this approach. I will share the automation tools I used at various levels of testing and also mention other tools which I came across during my research. So let me show you how the automation pyramid and the agile testing quadrants can be used to give you direction in terms of a testing approach which has automation at the forefront. Helping you cover your project’s testing.

Key learnings
· Ask the right questions when finding an automation solution
· Add purpose to your automation and testing efforts
· Prevent duplicating testing efforts by knowing what is covered
· Provide team transparency by showing exactly what is being covered by tests