Automation mindset to Development Team to achieve DevOps

Flow or DevOps methodology do not differentiate between Developers and Testers. The developers though are still in the habit of sending code over to the test team to complete formal testing. This talk will focus on the aspects of Stop Starting and Start Finishing. This is true not just for the development work but also to setup the environments for verification and promotion and continuously deploy supporting the operations as well.
We will focus on how the role of manual and automation tester is merging and how automation should now focus on supporting Continuous QA processes eliminating repetitive waste and increase flow.
We will focus on automation challenges which people perceive and how to overcome them. We will also highlight what success looks like.

As most of the companies are in a transition phase from Agile to DevOps model we want to highlight what we perceive to be the way forward from Automation perspective and where the developers and testers can contribute to the best of their ability.