Automation of the Users, by the Users, for the Users

An IT system is nothing without its users. In the hands of the developers, it’s only a technology framework for managing information. But once it enters the hands of the users, the IT system springs to life and evolves in ways never foreseen by its creators. How then can we expect automated tests to replace manual tests until machines can replace humans? There is a way: automated user acceptance testing.

In this speech, I will tell the story about how Systembolaget in Sweden used Tosca to automate user acceptance testing. This resulted in shorter test cycles, less manual test hours and – most importantly – increased quality and user confidence.

At Systembolaget, we have long business processes, passing through several systems and users, and managing complex data combinations. Previous attempts to automate system and integration tests failed to detect defects discovered by the users in the end-to-end test. But thanks to Tosca’s powerful, yet simple technology we managed to put non-technical testers in the driving seat, controlling both test flows and test data.

The speech covers the initial POC, the process of creating test cases in Tosca, and the routines for maintaining automated test suites. It concludes with a demo of Tosca in action.