Better Testing Through Process Automation

Automating testing is currently still one of the top priorities among CIOs, and it remains a popular topic in the industry. Yet though it’s not a new concept applying seems to still be in its infant, chaotic stages, and this is causing distress for both managers and practitioners of testing. This session will explore some of the underpinnings of this dilemma and propose a new way forward, namely thought automating the processes surrounding testing instead.

We will take a short look into one large financial company’s attempts to automate their testing for their data warehouse, and explore what went wrong and what was learned from it. Exploring the theory behind the automation is an important step on that journey, and so both the mentality and the application of that theory will also be presented as it was used by our team. Lastly we will look at where this led us to and why we believe this is a better way forward for testers and development teams as a whole.

With the story section finished, participants can design their own process automation structures using tips for clean and vital Process Automation. We’ll go through some general tasks needed for any automation, then practice using our own systems and abilities. Participants can expect to leave with a basic structure to create efficient and more universally applicable automation.