Building maintainable Test Automation with Robotframework

“Building maintainable Test Automation with Robotframework”

Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). In this session, you will get an overview of the framework, and how it fits into the test automation stack.

We’ll look at some real-world examples of tests to show how a framework like Robotframework produces automation scripts that can be understood by developers, testers, business analysts, and business users to support high levels of collaboration across the whole team. We will also see how Robotframework provides a rich set of features and capabilities that make it a credible option when looking for an automation framework.

Along the way we’ll look at the list of libraries that reduce the work needed to get your tests up and running, and how it integrates with Selenium (Java or python), Jenkins, Browserstack, maven, and other elements of the test automation ecosystem.

But having a good framework with lots of capabilities is only one side of the story. In order for your automation efforts to succeed in the long term, your automation framework needs to be maintainable. So we’ll take a closer look at some of the features of Robotframework that support building highly maintainable automation.