Building quality mindset and reaching continuous delivery on legacy product lacking automation

Test automation is key! Unfortunately, legacy projects are common and the level of automated tests is insufficient if not completely absent.
In such a context, how can we perform testing in an Agile way? How can we work Continuous Delivery-style in spite of the lack of automated tests?

I have witnessed teams that made this feat. Suffering from an insufficient coverage by automated tests, these teams would push code to production successfully several times per day thanks to Risk-Based Testing.
I’d like to share this experience with you in this talk but also explain why it worked.

Even more important than the delivery ability of the team was how this approach helped forging the Quality mindset into each and every team member.
Rather than systematically checking the absence of bug through automated tests, this approach has been instrumental into reducing the number of bugs that developers introduced — and it also provided a genuine incentive for developers to automate tests!

If you’re having trouble building the quality mindset into the whole team, please come: I think you’ll this talk interesting!