Wayne Rutter UKSTAR 2019

Wayne Rutter

Company: ScholarPack

Role in Company: Technical Test Analyst

Country: United Kingdom

Presentation Takeaways

1. AI is nothing to be scared off
2. AI can be used to help us
3. Anything is possible with a bit of imagination

Speaker Biography

After a career in the Military, I moved into the private industry joining Aconex as a Software Tester for a small agile team. I became the team's scrum master and then took on the role of QA manager for the office. After successfully transitioning to Oracle after an acquisition I decided I needed to explore my role more and took on another position as Technical Test Engineer at ScholarPack. I have a strong interest to learn about all aspects of software and how testing fits in. I have introduced and developed several different Automation frameworks depending on the scale and problems to be solved as well as introducing certain aspects of ML into the testing process. I have attended EuroSTAR back in 2015 and most recently TestBash Manchester.

Presentation Description

I have been on a journey for the last six months exploring Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and how they could be used to enhance the testing experience. I have used k-means clustering an unsupervised learning model to group data about my product together to produce a heat map of the product and the areas that have caused us problems. I would like to share this experience with other testers to show how we could embrace these technologies. I would like to show how it opened up dialog between tester and developer as they talked about the results and I would like to show where I plan to take it in the future building up to labeling data to use a supervised model for more accurate heat maps and show how this could be used to trigger more precise automation.