Connecting the Beats with the Bytes

No, this keynote will not be about Techno or House music, but about the miracles we can achieve when we connect our heartbeat with the computer bytes. In the current era of Technology Rise, fear has become almost more dominant over opportunity. Will we lose jobs because of automation, will Artificial Intelligence cause a danger for humanity, will we be living in a time where 1984 finally becomes reality?

These questions are all valid and should be addressed. But when we connect our heart, our passion and our energy to the technology developments, new opportunities will arise. Not from an Utopian view, but real impact for the world.

In this keynote you will hear about people and examples that were able to create this impact. But perhaps even more important, on how they were enabled. On how you can make a change within within your organisation to unleash this energy.

Because we need to realise, the heart never makes the wrong decision and once energy flows it cannot be stopped.