Marta Firlej

Company: SoftServe

Role in Company: QC Expert

Country: Poland

Presentation Takeaways

1. I hope the attendees will understand why sometimes working with the people from Poland is hard or not too effective and will use differences to achieve the project success.

Speaker Biography

Marta Firlej started her journey with software testing in 2006. During her work she is focused on the product, the process and the team. She is engaged in quality assurance with a particular emphasis on the usability testing, functional testing and the test management. She had the opportunity to not only build and develop testing teams, but also work with customers to create, develop and design software. A Member of the committee of judges in Polish TesingCup Chapionships in 2013 and 2014. The initiator of Testing Conference Test:Fest in Wroclaw. Besides working, she likes traveling, cooking and cycling.

Presentation Description

Most of us are working within distributed teams. Today I want to focus on the cooperation with the people from Poland. I’m going to use my personal experience and the experience of the people I worked with to share with you cultural differences but also tips and tricks how to make the cooperation with the IT people from Poland more effective.

Despite the fact we are all Europeans, there are always small differences in how we work, what we like or how we treat time.
First of all to understand why we have those differences let’s look into values.
What are the Fundamental Values for you?

I will not talk about the difference in labour law as it is complicated. I would like to share with you tips about what we need, like or dislike to make our cooperation easier and quicker.