Joel Montvelisky

Company: PractiTest

Role in Company: Head of Quality & Solution Architect

Country: Israel

Presentation Takeaways

1. Testing is becoming and more valuable career for those who are willing to expand their responsibilities
2. Quality is something that should continue to be measured after the product is released
3. The role of the tester in today's development culture is being re-defined and the opportunities are actually very exciting

Speaker Biography

Started testing by accident as a student job back in the late 90's and after about 5 years of trying to run away from it I finally realized that I actually like the work and responsibility of a Tester. Have been able to work in small and larger organizations, from tiny Internet Startups and all the way to Global Enterprises such as Mercury Interactive (back in the day). During my professional journey I've been a tester, test manager, qa director, consultant, trainer, speaker and more. I've been lucky enough to speak at conferences such as Star East, CAST, QA&Test, and in a number of meetups throughout Europe. Today in PractiTest I manage all the aspects of Quality for the Company, and as Solution Architect I also work with our customers to understand their needs and create a better product. In the last number of years I have been working on giving back to the community with a number of projects such as the State of Testing Report - - (running for 4 years now) together with TeaTime with Testers, and my latest project, the OnlieTestConf - - that already ran 2 editions and we are starting to plan the third one for this fall.

Presentation Description

Many testers believe their jobs is to test. That is that the value they provide to their organizations is in the area of executing test cases and reporting the issues they find when do it.

In a sense that is correct, this is one of the objectives, but in today’s world of software development and services the value we provide to our teams can be more than this, and in the future testers who limit themselves to report issues will find it hard to continue to be employed.

I want to explore the additional value we can and should provide around the areas of quality enablement, monitoring of systems and functionality post product release, serving as customer representatives within the organization, and more.

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