Nathalie van Delft

Company: Capgemini

Role in Company: Managing Test Consultant

Country: Netherlands

Presentation Takeaways

1. Awareness on (un)ethical use of (personal)data; How to apply the characteristic ‘ethicalness’ in testing; Wake people up to the new digital connectiveness and its possibility to exclude or include groups/people of our society

Speaker Biography

Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries van Delft is a testpassionista in optima forma. She’s actively involved in the (inter)national testing community, she speaks on (inter)national conferences, is member of the Belgium and Netherlands Sofware Qualification Board (BNTQB) and publishes regularly in different expert media. Her favorite topics are (information) ethics, test architecture and the non-traditional, out-of-the –box, fun topics like ‘Mappa Testi’ and ‘Unusual Testing; lessons learned from being a casualty simulation victim’. She currently works at Capgemini as Managing Test Consultant.

Presentation Description

This talk is paired with Information Ethics for Robotics as part of a conversation track on Information Ethics.



This track gives the attendee insight in the world of (privacy sensitive) data, what it is and what is permitted and what not and what is necessary and not. About 8 years ago I got an interest in (software testing) ethics and in extension in (non-)ethical behaviour around collection and use of data. How governments and enterprises are mining information and how they use this to steer in a certain direction. I’ll create awareness of the dangers and pitfalls of (the abundance of) data that is processed in systems these days. It’s time that especially we as ‘guardians of quality’ take a more active role in truly protecting a society that is defined as ‘information society’ or at least are aware of the dangers and pitfalls and speak up! To make sure that software isn’t released with (mandatory) use of data that isn’t needed for the use of that particular system or company. And you’ll find that it has a surprising connection with usability too!