Digital Experience Monitoring with Continuous Performance Mandatory for Digital Business – 5295

Now a day, all the organizations are moving towards digital transformation. To make that successful, companies have to leverage the concepts of DEM- Digital Experience Monitoring. DEM also assists to find valuable performance insights in application performance data and real user as well as machine agent behavior. Though traditional application’s speed, scalability, stability and availability is now not the correct standard to measure the digital applications; however these are the absolutely necessary things for Customer experience.

On the other hand, now organizations are concerned about the increasing rate of change in the market where they not only need to compete but also familiarize with the speed of changes to adapt time-to-market pressures. To meet customer expectation, continuous performance is now compulsory every time application goes live i.e. after each sprint (agile) cycle.

In a nutshell, Continuous Performance with Digital Experience Monitoring is now mandatory for surviving in Digital Business.