Don’t Test just put it live

• Do we really need to test software that should just work well enough to gain valuable customer feedback as early as possible?
• Is putting effort into fixing quickly time better spent than validating what we should already know?
• Following true Test-Driven Development, code should be built while it is tested and so once it’s complete is it just ready to be deployed?

We have all worked on software projects where deployment has been held up due to large amounts of testing still needing to be covered or defects that need fixing. On occasion people put in robust “Quality Gates” that can slow up deployment, due to certain criteria not being met or pre-defined testing levels not being achieved. But what about if we were to say “Don’t test! just put it live” and actually deploy straight from development into production. This means that the development team are now supporting the product right away in a true Devops approach. Hopefully, due to the fact that they are the ones to fix any issues that have been released, then their initial development approach has been so solid that there are minimum issues being found in live.