James Stocks

Company: Puppet

Role in Company: Senior QA Engineer

Country: United Kingdom

Presentation Takeaways

1. Adoption of DevOps changes the way testing, and all engineering, works at your company.
2. Configuration Management tools (Puppet, or alternatives) are useful for all testers (not just automated, not just at scale). Control ALL the things!

Speaker Biography

Currently a QA Engineer for Puppet at their Belfast office testing both their Enterprise and FOSS software products; I was previously Quality Engineering Lead for WANdisco in the UK. Prior to that I've had a number of software QA roles, mostly relating to hardware systems; including microscopes, security cameras and mobile phones.

Presentation Description

I will describe my experience of challenges and successes in adopting Puppet (and other configuration management tools) into the QA processes at a medium-sized UK software house (WANdisco).
I will cover both the larger picture of how DevOps made a huge difference to how testing was executed (stable automation, greatly reduced system setup time, more fungible teams, equivalency between manual and automated testing, etc); as well as giving examples of how Puppet (or alternative software) can be extremely useful just at your own workstation, today.