Enjoy Test Data – 5469

The quality of a product is directly related to testing competency. Test data set determines our testing competency level because customers wanted to use data similar to real life covering their requirements. Once, the functionalities and performance of a product were tested in a laboratory normally. We analyzed observed few bugs detected to decide to stop testing and to go customer’s acceptance. Testing together with our customer upset us because we did not use any data set sufficient and suitable.
Testers generally don’t see the real data or user scenario on real life cycle originated from privacy and time constraints. Either testers are absent in analysis session. Moreover, test data might be invalid because plenty of functions, especially in regression tests had been developing at the same time. Insufficient test data could create a bottleneck on testing. We as a tester could not violate customer’s data privacy or intervene to project time. However, we could figure some problems out by participating in early phases of the software development life cycle.
We always need consistency internet traffic data for testing DPI (Deep Packet Inception) products. We should avoid usability testing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) anomaly. We need a variety of data generation modeling and simulation applications because we can face with different kind of user behavior.
I would like to share my passion for dealing with test data, my experiences and tell what was going on with the attendees. Additionally, I would like to discuss my suggestions about producing and managing test data during the session.