Eternal seesaw – automation and exploratory testing – 5432

In Agile things are going very fast. In most cases, we cannot achieve good testing with only manual testing. We need test automation to speed us up, and to cover the regression testing. UI testing is not the only thing to be automated, due to the constant changes. API should be also covered with tests. Even with this coverage, can we rely on the test automation only? No. This is where exploratory testing comes into spotlight – to find defects which are not covered with automation, and which can never be covered with scripts.
Not everything is black or white. Even when doing exploratory testing, automating certain task can help us and speed us up. When we talk about automation, we are not just referring to automated test cases. This talk will help you understand why.
In this presentation we will give you our opinion of the right balance of automation and exploratory testing on all testing levels. Since we tried different approaches so far, we’ll try to highlight lessons learned. Also, we will explain which tools we use for test automation and which tools we use for exploratory testing.