Evolution of Super Tester (ONE MAN ARMY) in Digital World

With the marriage of ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’ so-called “DEVOPS” and the introduction of Agile, Software Delivery Life Cycle has reduced significantly from MONTHS to MINUTES resulting in the new ways of working. Can Software Tester stays unimpacted? The answer is No!! From my experience and interactions, I can definitely say – Life of a Tester had changed drastically in terms of roles and responsibilities.
In this talk, I’ll cover drastic change in the expectations of Organisations/Clients from a Tester and latest skills to be horned by this SUPER TESTER (JACK OF ALL TRADES) to support today’s testing of blockchain/AI/IoT in the Agile ecosystem.
I’ll also share with you how the Tester needs to change his/her mindset and own one’s self-education to adapt and survive in this rapid technology revolution.