Expedition: Scrum Master – Slipping into another role as a tester

As a tester in agile teams you are often focussed in your testing stuff, team internal communication and talking to the product owner. But your are rarely involved in the company’s communication. You are sometimes isolated from the rest of your colleagues and if you aren’t connected to other people you will most likely miss a lot of important information.

In my current project I switched from my beloved tester, test managers and test process improver role to the Scrum Master role. I was keen on being creative and support a team from a different point of view as I did in my testers role. But I also encountered some strange problems I never expected and I had to find uncommon solutions to solve them. But the most interesting experience is that it is really hard work to protect the team from influences from outside the team, that it is easier to be a motivated team member as it is to motivate the team and that you are most likely an Agile Coach that a Scrum Master.

In my presentation I’ll give some insights in my project with all the problems, how I solved them, where I failed and what I have learned for my testing role. It will give you some advice in your testers position in agile and classical projects how to improve you effort, support other people and achieve awesomeness.