Fear of competing with the Crowd? Here is your key to unlock it… – 5462

Testing applications with the allocated or available test cases to evaluate application behaviour is the traditional testing approach followed across testing industry. As soon as the test application is deployed in test environment, testers used to start testing with their test cases. Whenever they see some discrepancies then those will be logged as a bug. There is a complete independence and freedom available for each testers during test execution. They don’t need to fear for anything once they complete their allocated test cases within the stipulated timelines.
When we come into Crowd testing, the whole scenario is different. Testing applications by the crowd of testers to evaluate the application behaviour is known as Crowd Testing. Here the testers are not allocated with any test cases. They are dependent on the other testers, as the results can be submitted by anyone who finds it first. Few important things that characterizes crowd testers are their skills and experiences.
Crowd testers need to
– Understand the requirement in no time
– Be quick in identifying and reporting issues
– Provide accurate information while recording the issues
– Run through the entire application as early as possible
– Possess rich domain expertise
Due to these reasons, testers feel fearful to get into crowd testing. They fear of submitting duplicate bugs. They fear to work within shorter period of test cycles while compared to their traditional methods. They fear that their credibility will be challenged. They fear of failing in Crowd testing.
In short, they fear to compete among the crowd of testers who were diversified throughout this world. In this presentation, we are going to explore an approach by which we can improve the tester’s participation in crowd testing.