Finding the Ikigai in Software Testing

Ikigai is a Japanese word that means ‘a reason for being alive’ or ‘a meaning for (to) life’. It’s the sweet spot or the balance among four things (passion, mission, vocation and profession). We all are driven by a sense of purpose or at least some of us try to draw the purpose from the lives we live, from the work we do. Reading about Ikigai, led me to think if ‘Software Testing’ is a person, What will be the Ikigai of Software testing?

In this short talk, the aim will be find to find that sweet spot from the perspective of software testing. Consider it as drawing a parallel between Ikigai and Software Testing. What do we love about Testing, What the world needs, What testing is good at and What testing can pay for? Some questions to ask to ourselves to find the perfect balance in our occupation as testers. What can happen if we don’t have that balance ?