Vesna Leonard

Company: worX4you inc.

Role in Company: Co-Founder

Country: Canada

Presentation Takeaways

1. remote testing CAN be done
2. communication is KEY with remote teams, and much more effort needs to be put into it than in a traditional in-house setup
3. how to work as a remote team, and FOR remote teams

Speaker Biography

Vesna has been testing for 27 years, and has experiences with a wide variety of software teams and industries. Vesna started working with "modern day" startups 8 years ago, and loves their energy, creativity, and passion. She started a software testing company (worX4you inc.) with her husband Mike 8 years ago, and is currently having fun testing for a number of software companies globally.

Presentation Description

Remote work is on the rise. The obstacles that once were very difficult to overcome, have become easier and easier to work around, as more and more people hit the road. How does testing fit in with remote work, and being a part of a remote team? I will talk about my experiences, and how my husband and I have grown our testing company whilst making radical changes to our lifestyle.
In telling our story, I will talk about:
-how we became remote testers
-difficulties of working with remote teams,
-hiring remote workers
-expectations, communication, and misunderstandings