Frontend Testing: Stepping in and Collaborating with Developers – 9372

Testing is shifting left, moving closer to testing the code itself, and not the full product. But while managers dictate a shift to the left, the developers and testers themselves are confused as to how exactly to test the code. While the backend world already has established methodologies for testing, frontend developers and testers are still trying to figure out how to test their code.

Testers need to step in and work with the frontend developers. Testers need to understand the framework by which frontend code is tested. They need to understand the various kinds of testing that can be performed on frontend code, and which tools can be used for this.

I will give a recipe that you can follow to ease your fear of the unknown—writing tests for developer code. I will discuss the various kinds of testing and how they fit together in a coherent way, but most importantly – I will include sample code that you can use as a template in your own project, and if time permits—a bit of live coding will be done.